Robot Help

Best Practices:

If the robot is stuck on a delivery somewhere, or an elevator is needed urgently. The best practice is to drop the task. Decide whether you would like the robot to return to the charging station, or stop immediately and be manually retrieved.


Should you need to speak to someone over the phone, please dial +1 (210) 876 1062 and the 800 extension.


To stop a robot or release an elevator from a robot using it and how to retrieve and reset the robot please see the instructions below: 

How to Stop a Robot or Elevator

If a robot needs to be stopped or an elevator to be released from a task:

1. Navigate to the “Monitor” screen on the dashboard.

2. From this screen you can see all the robots in the fleet and decide which robot to stop immediately.

3. You can also see all the elevators available and stop their tasks as well.

See video below:

How to Collect and Localise a robot

If a robot becomes stuck somewhere and needs to be collected:

1. Collect the robot by pressing the emergency stop button found on the bottom of the robot, then it will freely move and you can return it to the pharmacy.

2. Return to robot to the correct charger associated with its number.

3. On the touch screen, select “Localise” to localise the robot to the correct charging station.

4. Select the button “Please click here to select charger”

5. Scroll down the page till you reach the ground: charger options

6. Chose the correct station for the robot you have and select the “localise” button

7. Wait a few moments until the “Waiting for next instruction” screen appears.

See video below:

What to do if an elevator is stuck with doors open

If a elevator becomes stuck:

1. Login into the dashboard 

2. Navigate to the monitor screen and select the correct elevator with the issue.

3. Select “STOP” to release all tasks on the elevator.

See video below: