Ctrl Tower

The Ctrl Tower is your ultimate solution for autonomous building management. It seamlessly controls elevators and up to 50 door units within a single facility, using built-in LTE for connectivity and LoRa for device communication. With Ctrl Tower, robots can effortlessly navigate elevators and automatic doors, ensuring smooth, autonomous operation throughout buildings of any size.

Elevator Module

Our Elevator Module empowers you to control up to 6 floors of an elevator, providing scalable solutions by stacking multiple units as needed. This flexibility ensures comprehensive vertical navigation for your robotic fleet, regardless of your building’s size. Enhance your facility’s efficiency and autonomy with our versatile Elevator Module.

Occupancy Sensor

The Occupancy Sensor is designed for hospital elevators to detect patient beds and large carts, allowing robots to share the lift seamlessly with patients and staff. This ensures uninterrupted hospital operations and efficient use of elevator space. Easy to install in minutes, the sensor features a battery life of up to 2 years, providing long-lasting, hassle-free performance.

Door Module

Our Door Module integrates seamlessly with your existing motorized doors, enabling robots to open and pass through them autonomously. Connecting to the Ctrl Tower via LoRa, these units require no additional connectivity or setup, ensuring a straightforward and efficient implementation for enhanced building automation.