Ctrl 3

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Physical Automation made Simple.

With Ctrl and our no-code automation tools, anyone is empowered to program robots for tasks like sorting, lifting, and cleaning. These tools simplify automation, allowing you to deploy and manage robotic solutions quickly and efficiently. With no coding required, transforming your operations has never been easier.

Connect easier

Connect to your existing systems to improve your company operations without disruptions. Ctrl is open and flexible to make the addition of robots to your company as easy as possible.

Analyse your robot fleet and smart building analytics

Analyze data from your robot fleet and smart building systems, like elevators and door sensors, to continually improve operations. Real-time analytics provide insights that help you streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for optimal performance. Transform your building into a smart, responsive environment.

Available on a range of devices.

Automate easier. 

With our powerful no-code tools and solutions for robotics as a service, automating physical tasks has never been easier.