Smarter Hospitals

Transform hospital operations with Ctrl’s cutting-edge robotic automation, enhancing efficiency and safety. Our specialized robots manage deliveries and transport essentials, ensuring meticulous cleanliness and proactive threat detection. This integrated system streamlines workflows, allowing staff to focus on superior healthcare delivery. Embrace the future of healthcare with Ctrl, setting new standards in hospital management and care quality.

Patient Care

Experience unparalleled efficiency in medicine delivery with our advanced robotic system, revolutionizing hospital pharmaceutical logistics.

  • Cost-Effective, High-Speed Deliveries: Our robots optimize routes and operations, reducing delivery costs by up to 75% while ensuring rapid distribution.
  • Swift and Reliable: Deliver medication up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, including urgent stat orders, general prescriptions, and TTO medications.
  • Innovative Healthcare Solution: Redefine hospital pharmacy services with our cutting-edge technology, providing a faster and more affordable way to deliver essential medications.

Optimized Resources

Transform your hospital’s internal logistics with our robotic solutions, streamlining essential tasks to allow staff to focus on patient care.

  • Efficient Supply and Waste Management: Automate supply distribution and medical waste disposal, enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining a clean, well-stocked environment.
  • Automated Laundry Handling: Simplify laundry logistics to ensure a constant flow of clean linen with minimal human intervention.
  • Empowering Healthcare Staff: Free healthcare workers from routine logistics, allowing them to engage in more meaningful work and elevate the overall quality of care.

Truly connected building.

Seamlessly integrate Ctrl’s robotic solutions with your existing facility, enhancing operational efficiency with minimal hardware.

  • Comprehensive Facility Integration: Connect your fleet of robots to elevators, automatic doors, and access control systems with ease.

  • Smart Cleaning Robots: Our robots clean thousands of square feet/meters per hour, ensuring common areas are maintained 24/7.

  • Optimized Hospital Operations: Enhance cleanliness and efficiency in your hospital, providing a continuously clean and safe environment.



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