Setup a fleet of robots in one day. No Code.

The ctrl platfrom allows you to get robots working in your business using our integrations to setup hardware, data and users with ease.


Ctrl is a platform that allows companies to setup a fleet of robots in their business within a day.

No need to code or hire engineers to integrate and setup physical automation within your business.

We provide a full turnkey solution with support to have robots running without any hassle. Ctrl was designed to maximize your current staff compliments efficiency and bring more value to their daily tasks.

Our clients and current pilots

Delivery Robots

Automated on-premise delivery has the power to unlock operational efficiencies for businesses. Ctrl has a range of delivery robots that can be customized to a businesses use cases.

Useful hardware coupled with demand allocation and routing software ensures optimal efficiency for the fleet, while the digital chain of custody holds users accountable for high-value items.

Cleaning Robots

Cleaning of floors is a labour intensive task that is perfect for a robot to do, the Ctrl Robotics platform allows cleaning staff to manage a fleet of robots that can cover larger areas within the same amount of time as a human would.

Easy to use interfaces and predictive maintenance keep fluid and battery levels at optimum levels to extract efficiency from the cleaning fleet.

Create an augmented workforce that can scale with your demand

A fully integrated suite of software to setup and operate robot fleets.

We bring together everything that’s required to manage users, assess performance, setup automated tasks and provide support. Ctrl’s products integrate robot manufacturers, distributors, ERP systems and elevators manufacturers to allow for easy on-premise management of the robotic fleet

fleet of robots

Our process

Needs Finding

We spend time with users to spot the gaps in your operational processes. After collating all of the findings we identify the highest impact use case.

Current process mapping

Using sales data and information gathered from the need finding process we create a benchmark model to compare to in the future.

Physical Automation Solution Design

The CTRL platform is used to develop a tailored user experience for the high value task that is identified in the process mapping phase.

Improved Metrics Measurement

Performance improvements from the introduction of automation is measured against the benchmark model.