Dashboard Help

Best Practices:

Should you need to speak to someone over the phone, please dial +1 (210) 876 1062 and the 800 extension.


How to Login

1. Navigate in the web browser to https://spartanburg.us.app.ctrlrobotics.com/

2. Enter your assigned username and password

3. Select “Login”

How to Send an Order

1. Login to the dashboard

2. Navigate to the send button in the menu

3. Select the loading point

4. Select the robot you would like to use

How to Drop a Task

1. Navigate in the menu to “Deliveries” and select the order you want to cancel

2. Now select “Drop” to begin cancelling the task.

3. Select “Stop Immediately” to stop the robot where ever it is in the building, the robot will then need to be retrieved and returned to the correct charging station.

4. Select “Return to Dock” for the robot to return by itself to the pharmacy.