Cleaning solutions for Warehouses

“Robots are not coming for our jobs, they are here to change them.” – Mike Walsh

Let’s build better Warehouses

Clean better.

We believe that a clean environment is essential for good performance and low cost.

Clean large areas every day without lifting a finger. Ctrl is disrupting the cleaning industry for building owners, warehouses and small businesses.

Robots perform cleaning tasks much faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Ctrl’s cleaning robots can clean up to 1000 m2 per hour. We provide no upfront costs and 24/7 cleaning service for your warehouse, supermarket, hospital or shopping mall.

Our robots can safely operate around people and staff.

An average 30 000m2 warehouse can be cleaned for the cost of $0.01 per square meter and does not require any supervision or human intervention while they work.

We provide accurate logs, dashboards, integrated notifications and flexible scheduling for management of your cleaning robot fleet.

Request a demo today to find out how much you can save on cleaning with Ctrl.

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Remember Ctrl runs on many different delivery robots