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Setup a fleet of robots in one day. No Code.

The ctrl platfrom allows you to get robots working in your business using our integrations to setup hardware, data and users with ease.

As you may already know, hospitals face many challenges in their day-to-day operations, including rising costs, low operational efficiencies, staff shortages, and tedious, labor-intensive work.

One of the solutions to these problems is the implementation of internal logistics robots, which can automate tasks such as medicine, supplies, and waste collection, freeing up staff time for more meaningful work and increasing productivity and outcomes.

Our clients and current pilots

A fully integrated suite of software to setup and operate robot fleets.

We bring together everything that’s required to manage users, assess performance, setup automated tasks and provide support. Ctrl’s products integrate robot manufacturers, distributors, ERP systems and elevators manufacturers to allow for easy on-premise management of the robotic fleet

fleet of robots

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